Tailored Litigation Funding
1. the restoration of something lost or stolen to its proper owner:

Commercial Litigation Funding

Restitution Ltd is a specialist provider of commercial litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution funding. We invest in cases and provide creative, flexible and tailored funding solutions for law firms, businesses and individuals. We are an independent, owner managed business located in central Edinburgh. We work with advocates, solicitors and their clients to help provide access to justice, to allow cases which may otherwise be dropped to progress through the court system. Our funding is typically non-recourse, with our return payable only upon success.

Latest news


Are we ready for a Scottish Erin Brockovich?

Class actions have been generating interest recently due to several high-profile actions, such as the ongoing emissions case brought against the Volkswagen Group.


Impact of Coronavirus

Spike in cases will present a huge challenge to the courts with a possible backlog of up to three years.


How to secure litigation funding

Restitution have invested in, and received applications for litigation funding for commercial claims ranging from multi-million to less than £100k. Find out more about litigation funding, what are the benefits and how we consider applications.